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Remade fashion and vintage clothing store


The fashion revolution and upcycled clothing

We work with upcycled materials, repairs, reconstruct, second-hand and vintage objects. Over the last years, sustainability has become one of the most used words in the English vocabulary. Slow fashion, ethical fashion, fair trade, refashioned or eco-fashion is hard to define; however, follow the principles of sustainable development. Since the trend of green has evolved into a new way of living, most brands adopt the concepts of sustainability; unfortunately, most greenwashing. The refashioned store targets an independent mindset of fashionistas that are aware of the manipulation and greenwashing by many large brands.

Be A Punk Upcycle!

We collaborate with people who share ideas on sustainable design. The Fashion revolution emphasis on slow, timeless, long-lasting, product uniqueness, humanity and value of craftsmanship. We set humanity and our ecology before profit and return of investment. We are constructing a new store, honestly do not know when it opens.
We transform old, worn-out textiles into desirable fashion objects by reconceptualizing and repairing. Today we live in a world where we consume more resources than Earth possible can reproduce. Fashion causes enormous damage to rivers, lakes and water sources in fragile ecosystems around the world. Production of cotton requires a lot of water combined with hazardous chemicals. The life cycle of medium quality t-shirt, for example, uses more than 4000 litres of water. Almost 95 per cent of textiles are recyclable. Nevertheless, 5 per cent of the total landfill is textiles.

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