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Organic Eco-Tote Bag Banksy hand-printed art "Flowerthrower"

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Eco-Tote Bag hand-printed art “Flowerthrower” by Banksy limited edition

We made a series of artworks in collaboration with Banksy. The eco-tote bags as a tribute to the fashion revolution and I made your clothes campaign. These Eco-bags are therefore cut, made, sewn and each artwork is printed by hand with stencils and aerosol, labelled made and designed in our studio. We did this to get some sort of understanding what it is like to do everything and how demanding it is to work with machinery on a daily basis.

Details about the Eco-bags

  • Materials: Unbleached organic cotton
  • Manufacturing: Sewed locally inhouse
  • Transportation: India-Norway raw cotton fabrics
  • Printing:  Hand Printed with stencils and aerosols by Banksy
  • Design: Inhouse manufactured
  • Labels: Be a punk upcycle!
  • Marketing: None
  • Store: Directly to the consumer
  • Eco-Tote Bag size: 36cm width x 40 cm high
  • Handles: 60 cm x 2 cm width
  • Colours: Unbleached organic cotton
  • Washable: Yes, low temperature of 30 or less.

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