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101 Most Important Green Books Contents Overview

101 Most Important Green Books Contents Overview

Part One A-L

Part Two M-Z

Book Reviews Sustainable Lifestyle

Green is not trendy anymore, it’s a new way of living, emphasis on fewer egocentric values and a better understanding of environmental difficulties facing us and coming generation. Visionary people who see the world as interconnected and fragile for the exploitation of common global resources have written great books presenting environmental problems as well solutions. Therefore, we have a unique possibility to learn from a large selection of books already published.

Literature and books questioning capital-mechanisms, global warming, consumer-psychology, system-thinking, environmental philosophy, green standpoint in politics and religion, sustainable design, new ways of presenting data such as eco-maps and info-graphics, measurements and green art-movements, environmentalism, spiritualism, equality, poverty, water and waste management, air and grassroots organizations such as Earth Day, Greenpeace or WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) are all central elements in understanding sustainable development.

Within our branch textile and fashion several books have been published on sustainable and so-called eco-fashion, The importance for change towards zero-waste, remaking, repairing, slow-fashion, second-hand, swapping cannot be overseen.

Still, simultaneously very powerful economically companies within the textile Industry spend large amounts on green-washing, moving focus away from their fast- fashion business model, twist data to their own advantage, making consumers confused what good or bad. A few years ago we made a list of 101 most important green books. The books selected from a wide specter of the academic genre, across different industrial branches, religions, philosophies, organizations, NGO’s, economics, practical and theoretical.

101 Most Important Green Books

Part One A-L

Part two M-Z

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