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Sustainable Fashion Design Editoral Profile

We aim high to publish the most interesting post about sustainable fashion with another angle than most others; we write about our responsibilities based on spiritual values as compassion, happiness and action. We write about future trend and research within sustainable design and have a critical eye on big brand’s sustainability reports and way of handling important environmental problems; are they doing it with a good intention, cover-up or an opportunity to promote their brand? We talk about the impact product design have on a deeper level for the society and in consumer culture, what is the production mean for the society where it is produced, how does it cause a change and what are brand’s responsibility in countries they make their goods in? In addition, we focus on the unhealthy parts of the fashion culture as fast fashion or issue’s anorexia or bulimia among models.

 Fashion and Look Books Content Profile

  • When we write about fashion, it’s from a street angle further than of a catwalk and in addition more the history behind it, why did it happen from a social viewpoint, what was the brand preference, original style and how did they wear it; read the posts fashion look books and youth culture from the most exciting decade of last century;  a series of more than 100 pages, from hippies to New York underground.

Eco Fashion-Denim and Diagrams Dictionaries

  • The new denim dictionary more than 1000  terminologies explained with images and illustrations. The Eco fashion dictionary is one of the few or any on sustainable and green fashion culture. 250 expressions and key terminologies with images on every subject make it easy to understand. It is updated regularly with new and old key words and developing continuously. . Check out the Eco fashion dictionary or the denim dictionary

Eco Buddhism Philosophy and Spiritul Approach in Textile Industry

  • Our environmental philosophy has its roots in Eastern culture and Buddhism religion. The name Buddha jeans is actually coming from the word “Buddha nature” who is often written in small letters. The most important philosophical issues that the blog stand for is based in the Buddhism basics of the four noble truths, the middle way, Karma, the eight folded path and the view of the world as connected. This philosophy is based upon equally sharing of values, resources, respect, action, awareness and deep compassion for all living beings, including animals and the nature around us. We believe the Buddhist way of dealing with important issues as the environment is tremendously valuable in a human and compassionate view.

Fashion Trends and Consumer Research

  • The blog does not cover the latest trends with fashion look books and catwalk photos. The  editorial profile focus on issues from a long-term perspective; trend which is changing our society and design over a longer period of time. We believe covering the long-run trend that is causing fashion fads, and this seasons trends; let call it mega trends. Read the posts; The new body culture mega trends 2012 – 2020

Inspiration and Creative Editorial Profile

  • Blogging needs to be alive and not only cover the boring issues; therefore, we publish youth cultural movements, fashion look books or cover interesting happenings in modern pop culture. Most designers unfortunately base their inspirational inputs from the glossy magazine world. I believe Inspiration can come from several sources and cover everything from music to be electronic lightening, traveling to faraway places, cultures, street art or religious movements. Read the post Kraftwerk changed music, youth culture and fashion or ; All tomorrows parties, Billy Name and the Factory

Quotes Environmental-Happiness and Sustainablity

  • Quotes is a good way of making your standpoint easy, understandable and inspiring for others. Happiness quotes, environmental and quote on positive action is the most talked about on the blog. Most of these posts are with a drawing or illustration of famous and wise people, with a short biography and work.

Product Design in The Sustainable ERA

  • A must read for any designer or people working within sustainable product design and particularly in textile industry. Introduction to the different frameworks and approaches to product design in the sustainable. Read about Nature capitalism, Biomimicry,, Cradle to cradle, Product life-cycle assessment, The natural step, Design with nature permaculture and System thinking design

Technical Textile and Nanotechnology

  • We aim to introduce new technology and technical textiles for a wider audience.  A new series of posts discussing  nanotechnology in the textile industry  The mission is to provide quality information for those who are not so familiar with the prefix of nano and its terminology.

Check out the new dictionaries with more than 1000 ilustrated terms on eco fashion design