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Graphics Kenneth Buddha Jeans.Graphics. Nanotextiles in the fashion Industry

Series Taking The on Nanotechnology in Fashion

Nanotechnology will not only change the fashion industry to buy almost any era of manufacturing of commercialized products and services ahead. With more than 50,000 nanotechnology articles published annually worldwide in recent years, and increasingly 2,500 patents are filed at major patent office’s such as European Patent Office to say that nanotechnology is an emerging field of scientifical research

Google Art & Nanotechnology in Textile and Fashion Industry? Visual Geometrics and Patterns Research] Visit me on Google Art & Culture Nano inspired visuals found in the world of art, patterns, repetitions, structures and geometrics recognised in the natural world. It gives an idea of the structures in Nanotechnology and the invisible world

Graphics Kenneth Buddha Jeans. Nanotextiles in the fashion Industry

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