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Eco Fashion Dictionary Updates March 2017

Eco fashion dictionary is updated with nearly 50 new terms all illustrated within textile and environmentalism.  In addition 21 diagrams added terminologies. The dictionary or library if that’s a better way of describe it contains close to 1000 terms divided into three sections:

Eco-Denim-Fashion-Diagram-Dictionary Overview

Diagrams library contains also main graphics used in previous post to make it easier to find what you search for. Most of these diagrams, illustrations or graphics done by Kenneth at Buddha Jeans. Therefore most can be used, downloaded or added to your own blog. Only make sure give credit and make a link to the source (for example link: Source Fast Fashion diagram by Kenneth Buddha Jeans. ) In advance thanks.

Overview Sources

Sorry that this is still missing. However, we are currently making a source list of books, articles, blogs, sites and sources used. Hopefully within a few weeks published. We have done our best to assure that information is reliable and updated Please notify us if information is missing or visuals, logos have been changed (contact me below).

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Check out the new updated eco fashion dictionary with more than 1000 terms on textile and environmental issues