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Remade Fashion Store

A store that targets the more intelligent fashionista, under the brand name Be a punk recycle! produces buddha jeans 100% up-cycled garments from throw-away, landfill and fabric scraps. We are under construction of a new store and seek other brands that share our philosophy to join in. We will not take away your local profit, however, give donations that can help build local water project for charity; water.

About Be a Punk Recycle! 100% Up-Cycled

We transform old, worn-out textiles into desirable fashion objects by reconceptualizing and DIY-customization. Today we live in the world where we  consume more resources than Earth possible can reproduce

Fashion causes enormous damage to water in sensitive environments around the world.  To produce cotton clothing demands a lot of water in combination with hazardous chemicals. The lifecycle of medium quality t-shirt, for example, uses more than 4000 litres of water. Almost 95% of textiles can be recycled, nevertheless. 5%  of the total landfill are textiles. We believe in green, recycled & sustainable fashion design.

Buddha Jeans Company

The store selection is mostly good quality 2nd hand and clothes for collectors. Buddha Jeans is more a consulting, eco-philosophy and research lab making inventions than an ordinary fashion brand. We work across fields of technologies to find earth, animal and human-friendly materials within fabric development. We do this in collaboration with several universities within fields of technology, for example, biomimicry projects,  biotechnology and nanotechnology textiles,  recycling of textiles smart wear, 3D printing, future store systems, body scanning technology. However within next year based on a new invention that will reduce the use of chemicals, water saving present and introduce a very interesting brand within denim. More info about the project will be presented 2018.

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