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Eco Manifesto Buddha Jeans

Since 1999, my growing concerns for our planet’s health have allowed me to work on amazing projects within meta and sustainable design projects across industries, however, mostly within the fashion Industry.  The long experience,  extensive travels and  wide education has given me unique insight into future innovation and green business management. The green manifesto is a personal and poetic approach to sustainable living and a way to communicate the values which I believe in.  The manifest is not about statistics, standards, missions, strategies, statistics, however, about values not easily measured as wisdom, compassion, experience, truth, love and happiness. Unfortunately, most people are not comfortable with things we cannot measure in numbers, spreadsheets or money. Nevertheless, it only through these in-material values it’s possible truly developing compassion and live sustainable.

Personal Responsibility

To take responsibilities for all living beings and the nature around us on an individual level are the most important issue. Responsibilities to take care of the environment do not lie with the leaders. It lies with each of us individually. Care for the environment can merely happen when we respect the laws of nature, and the ability to share the common treasure can only last when we respect nature. When we understand the responsibility, we have, an urgent feeling to take action will develop within each and one of us. This responsibility comes from the deep of the hearth.

Inner Peace is The Essence of a Change

Inner peace is the essence of a change. When we have inner peace will take time to reflect, and we develop inspiration to act. Therefore, to stop what we are doing now is essential. We must turn off all digital equipment for one hour, a day, week, month or a year and just sit at the peace this silence brings. We will know what to do because nature will guide us. The wisdom it brings will develop and be the source of inspiration. Naturally, we start doing small things to change the situation, people who see this around in a community will feel the inspiration as well.

Inspiration and Sharing

We can share inspiration with neighbouring communities. When we do, so we will feel like part of a common green movement and naturally increased inspiration will happen. This inspiration can lead to a collective global act to take care of nature and every living being around us. The positive Karma this action brings will be an advantage for us in the future.

Respect and Cherish Diversity

The freedom to experience the deepness in nature will grow as more people start to open up and free their mind-set. We must accept and learn to share and protect global natural resources, land, respect all living beings and cherish diversity. We are all included and important elements within the environment. Every person in all countries on Earth has the right to experience and feel the goodness of nature, the healing effect and calmness it brings because we are all included in the Earth’s Ecosphere. Therefore, to do, so we must share equal space of nature between us, and we let children play freely in nature without boundaries or limitations. Only when we learn to love nature, can we fight for the love we might lose when nature is no longer there.

Balance Material Wealth and Spiritual Development

The balance between material progress and spiritual development is essential. Material progress and technology created in western society are important for human advancement. However, to believe technology will save the environment is naïve, usually, technology creates more problems instead of less. Technology makes us forget spiritual development, compassion, nature and the beauty of life. Technology brings material wealth, yet we still feel fear and unhappiness.

In the East, people tend only to think the spiritual practice will take care of it, but without doing anything else than praying the problem will still be unsolved. We must seek and find a balance between material progress and spiritual development. This balance has Buddha referred to as the middle way. This balance can we only learn by actively take part and experience the environment over time, learn to cherish the small things around instead of all the things we do not have, then we will get rid of all our external problems, and they cannot do harm.

We All Passengers on Spaceship Earth

Mother Earths healing effect belongs to every person  The greatest treasure of the mental calmness it gives us, belongs to each one of us, and be shared equally. The freedom to experience the deepness in nature will grow as more people start to open up and free their mind-set. We must accept and learn to share and protect global natural resources, land, respect all living beings and cherish diversity.

Keep Earth Sustainable


  • We should not take out more resources from Earth than needed to continue a natural sustainable process, today and with considerations for the future.
  • We should not kill any living beings, including trees, land or mountains.
  • We have no rights to buy, own or steal land to the purpose of making a profit and exploit global common resources.
  • We have no rights to poison the water, rivers, sea, land or air.
  • Water, Earth, Wind and fire are the sources for all life, and It belongs to us all. All people have the equal right to Earth’s resources, and it should be shared equally between countries, and religion, ethnic, political view, poor or rich; the more diversity the better.
  • Everything is connected, develop an understanding that small actions, negative or positive might have a big impact elsewhere, now or in the future. We have the responsibility to hand Earth over to the next generation in better condition than we inherited it.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Core Ethical Values

  • TRUTH 
    Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth. The Buddha. Global warming and over-consumption of common global resources are not fiction, is a fact.
    The world is in great need of wisdom from truth and reality.  The damage on Earth is happening now.
    We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is survive. Albert Einstein.Everything is connected, together we are stronger, wiser and better prepared.
    We can never obtain peace in the outer world unless we make pace with ourselves. Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama. We cannot help others if we cannot help our self, inspiration comes from within
  • LOVE 
    Kindness in words creates confidence. kindness in thinking creates profoundness. kindness in giving creates love. Lao Tzu. We can only make a change if we are truly in love with what we do.
    The energy of the mind is the essence. Aristotle’s. No change is possible without action, reversing the process of global warming demands a high level of  energy and commitment
    Happiness comes from harmony, not wealth and fame. Lao Tzu. The work it will take will bring us joy and happiness because it is developing our compassion trough actions of great positive Karma.
  • The more we know, the better we forgive those who feel deeply feel for all living beings. Lao Tzu. If only one of the actions taken compassion will develop towards all living beings, we will start feeling ageless, content and enlightened.


  • Buddha Jeans mission is to create a sustainable Jeans and T-shirt product by employing Design Thinking with positive core values.
  • We want to design from the inside and out, not merely create a new jean in the market!
  • We want to create strong Partnerships and engage the Consumers in a fun and positive dialogue on Sustainability.
  • We aim to improve the workers’ conditions where we produce and support organic producers in all areas of production.
  • We want to work with manufacturers who have a social responsibility and high standards for their workers.

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