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Bansky Organic Cotton Tote Bag Flower-Thrower SOLD OUT

Organic Cotton Tote Bag Hand-Printed Bansky Stencil Art Flower Thrower SOLD OUT

We have a few limited edition hand-printed Flower-Thrower organic cotton tote bags by Banksy

Be a Punk, Recycle! 100% Organic Cotton

We transform old, worn-out textiles into desirable fashion objects by reconceptualizing and DIY-customization. Today we live in a world where we consume more resources than Earth possible can reproduce. Fashion causes enormous damage to water in sensitive environments around the world. To produce cotton clothing demands a lot of water in combination with hazardous chemicals. The lifecycle of a medium quality t-shirt, for example, uses more than 4000 liters of water. This garment is 100% upcycled, transformed and customized by buddha jeans. We believe in green, recycled & sustainable fashion design. FREE SHIPPING


  • Bag: Flower-Thrower By Banksy
  • Materials: 100 unbleached organic cotton
  • Size: 40W x 40H (cm) Handle: 50cm, Large Tote
  • Colour: Natural unbleached
  • Washable: Low temperature
  • Print: Hand printed stencil art Aerosols acrylics print on two sides
  • Toxicity: No. Organic cotton is the best alternative to replace the toxic plastic bag, produced with no poisonous chemicals or pesticides.
  • Made In: Norway

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