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WRI (World Resources Institute)

The WRI is an independent Centre for knowledge on global environmental and development issues established in 1982 by James Gustav Speth. It has an international staff of 125, who work with advisors, collaborators, and partner institutions in more than 50 countries. WRI tries to put ideas into action, meshing the insights of scientific research, economic and institutional analyses, and practical experience with the need for open and participatory decision-making. Their research-based solution based on a three-step approach. WRI in Washington, in addition to the staff of 125 people, WRI has a Board of Directors of 34 prominent scientists, international policymakers, and corporate managers.


  • Count it
  • Change it
  • Scale it

WRI mission

To move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.” WRI base their activities around four activities to make this happens:

  1. Biological resource stewardship: WRI focuses on halting the degradation of biological resources, particularly in forests and agriculture, and enhancing their contribution to economic development.
  2. Climate protection: WRI seeks to prevent human-caused climate change by promoting cooperation among businesses and nations, rich and poor, in implementing international agreements, fostering economic opportunity, and developing cleaner energy sources and technology.
  3. Development paths: WRI works with a worldwide network of partner organizations to help promote development policies that reduce poverty, improve livelihoods, and protect the environment.
  4. WRI fosters sustainable enterprises by helping to provide the management strategies and incentives that will enable firms to build future profitability around environmentally friendly products and processes.


Editor’s note: Always question mark any private organisations, NGOs, Religious or any no-profit organisations use critical thinking about their real missions

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