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Tipping point

The tipping point is an irreversible moment when the dreaded feedback loop begins. The most central issue today for the scientific community is the tipping point; have humans already went too far, and may we now be helpless to stop and reverse global warming? A tipping point happens when the temperature gets high enough to cause forests to give up their CO2 rather than absorb it, those tons of gas rise temperature even more and cause the loop to spin faster in the wrong direction. What kind of indications gives answers to when we reach the point of no return? The following potential climatic indications are happening now:

Tipping points (point of no returns)

  • destruction of the Amazon rainforest
  • disruption of the North Atlantic current
  • the decrease in ocean salinity
  • the disintegration of Greenland’s ice sheet
  • the slowdown of the Antarctic circumpolar current
  • the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet
  • thinning of the ozone layer
  • the recession of glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau
  • shrinking of the Sahara desert
  • disruptions in the Asian and West African monsoon
  • unleashing into the atmosphere of Tundra methane stores
  • creation of a permanent El Niño conditions

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