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The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator is a new community within the fashion and textile industry that mainly focus their education and business around the paradigm-shift sustainable fashion design. It´s an ethical hub for designers within the fashion and other related functions within the industry that aims to educate and inform about fashions problems with environmental issues, solving by the highly educated staff of teachers and others working already with the sustainability of textiles and lectures of Pratt University N.Y.

Sustainability Lab

Its a place for those who need to transform their businesses into a more sustainable one, the hub hold a Technology Lab, Sustainability Lab, with 3D printing, cut and sew (Google cooperation) laser cutting and knitwear. It works on different levels from small-scale production to cutting edge Nanotechnology and biotechnology within fibres and fabrics, of which the possibility of rapid prototyping. The Hub is a meeting place and offers different types of membership from residential, Venture follows and ordinary membership to the hub network. The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, offers besides, the full-time education and office, prototype production capacity. The staff have already published their own tool Sustainable Fashion Road Kit


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