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Triaxial weaving

Triaxial weaving uses three sets of parallel fibres, known as the warp, the whug and the weft. These fibres are typically at angles of 60 degrees to each other. The whug is not present in conventional, biaxial weaving.

Enzyme washing

Enzyme Washing is the use of cellulose enzymes to soften the jeans and lighten a colour. The cellulosic used because they loosen up the indigo dye in the denim.


Warp is a term used to describe the lengthwise, vertical yarns carried over and under the weft.


Width. One of the most controversial issues in fabric sale; it can be selvedge to selvedge, where the width value is inclusive of edge, or usable, where the value indicates the fabric effectively cut-table.

X-dyed fabrics

X-dyed fabrics. Cross dyed fabrics present a two-colour weave, obtained using different colour yarns in the warp and in the weft


The shuttle is the weft insertion device that propels the filling yarn across over and under the warp yarns. Shuttles used to be shuttle looms wooden with a metal tip.


Piqué is a heavy cotton material woven in corded or figured effects. The goods for purposes such as ladies’ tailor-made suits, vesting’s, shirt fronts, cravats, bedspreads, and the like. It was initially woven in diamond-shaped designs to imitate quilting.