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Garneting (textile waste)

Garneting (textile waste) is a process of recovering the fibres from hard twisted waste, rags and chippings. The materials and return it a fluffy fibrous condition so it can be reused in blends.


Warp is a term used to describe the lengthwise, vertical yarns carried over and under the weft.


Yarn-dyed is a term used to describe fabrics produced with yarns already dye prior to the weaving process.


Yarn is a generic term for a continuous strand spun from a group of natural or synthetic staple fibres, or filaments, used in weaving, knitting to form textile fabrics.


Mercerization is a process practical to cellulose fibre and in particular, cotton. However, hemp and linen can go through this process in the same way to gain lustre. The methods soak up as much as 25% more dye that makes the colour deeper and shiny.

Surface design

Surface design is a significant factor in fashion design now, and even more in the future due to environmental issues, consumer demands and new technology such as nanotechnology makes it possible to manipulate fabric properties at the textile surface