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Jacquard is the name of a shedding mechanism, attached to a loom, that gives individual control of up to several hundred warp threads and thus enables large figured designs produced.


The blend is a term that applied to a yarn or a fabric made up of more than one fibre.

Triaxial weaving

Triaxial weaving uses three sets of parallel fibres, known as the warp, the whug and the weft. These fibres are typically at angles of 60 degrees to each other. The whug is not present in conventional, biaxial weaving.

Fine end

A fine end is a warp yarn of smaller diameter in the fabric, mostly a description of the defect silk warp consisting of thin places were filaments required to make up the full ply missing, generally poor reeling.

Enzyme washing

Enzyme Washing is the use of cellulose enzymes to soften the jeans and lighten a colour. The cellulosic used because they loosen up the indigo dye in the denim.


Warp is a term used to describe the lengthwise, vertical yarns carried over and under the weft.


Width. One of the most controversial issues in fabric sale; it can be selvedge to selvedge, where the width value is inclusive of edge, or usable, where the value indicates the fabric effectively cut-table.