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Metadata a term used to describe data and data products, allowing users to find, understand, process, and reuse data and data products. Although metadata can require increased storage capacities, they are essential for establishing confidence in the data products by providing information about the history, or lineage, of the data.

Irreversible (environmental)

Irreversible (environmental) is a term used to describe a process, often far from equilibrium, which cannot be reversed by a small incremental change in any variable.

Tipping point

Tipping point is an irreversible moment when the dreaded feedback loop begins. The most central issue today for the scientific community is the tipping point; have humans already went too far, and may we now be helpless to stop and reverse global warming?

Abrupt climate change

Abrupt climate change is difficult to define subjective as it’s depending on large measurements of samples/data intervals in certain research over a rather long time.