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To Boycott (derived from a campaign of ostracism on Captain Boycott) is a term used to describe abstain from or act together, or abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with as an expression of protest or disfavour as a means of coercion.

Information Overload

Information overload is a term used to describe an overflow of information through many different media. Such as digital, radio, TV, Video, newspaper, books and magazine. The total amount of information is not possible to consume, and we feel we miss out. It creates a false stress level on individuals as well as industries managing finding the right info.

Geographic information system (GIS)

Geographic information system (GIS) is a term used to describe a computer-based system for storing, manipulating, and analysing data associated with particular geographic locations.

Greenpeace detox-catwalk campaign

Greenpeace detox catwalk campaign is a report that aims to make big fashion brands eliminate hazardous chemicals by offering a membership contract to fulfil their commitments.

Smart textiles

Smart textiles is a term used to describe a whole group of textiles that have built in triggers by different advanced methods (chemically, temperature variations, electroactive polymer) and manufacturing techniques in fibre, yarns and fabrics have been a driving force the last 20 years to make innovative products and product applications that fulfil customers. is the leading free content online resource for the technical textiles industry. We aim to keep readers up to date on latest developments in materials, technologies and processes affecting this dynamic industry sector, through the delivery of unique news content, comment and features on new products, processes and technologies. established 2000 it is one of the largest B2B platforms for the global textile-fashion and apparel industry and serving the full value chain.

Textile Industry

Textile Industry. Derived from the Latin texere to weave, and used initially to describe woven fabrics. Textiles have become a general term for fibres, yarns, and other materials that can be made into fabrics as well as for woven or knitted fabrics.