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Guardian’s Ethical Fashion Directory

Guardian’s Ethical Fashion Directory. The Guardian in the UK created an online Ethical Fashion Directory in 2008 to help consumers navigate the world of ethical fashion and raise their awareness change: A consumer portal for finding eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to mainstream brands increase the purchase of sustainable goods.


Information Overload

Information overload is a term used to describe an overflow of information through many different media. Such as digital, radio, TV, Video, newspaper, books and magazine. The total amount of information is not possible to consume, and we feel we miss out. It creates a false stress level on individuals as well as industries managing finding the right info.

Interrogating Fashion

Interrogating fashion is operating as a network cluster in 2005 identified key questions and developed research projects that would have a genuine impact on the manufacturing sector, creating new paradigms and opportunities, which will, by design, be more sustainable.

Natural capital

Nature capital. The limited stocks of physical and biological resources found on earth’ (MA, 2005) described as “natural capital”; within this, terms provide nature with a series of services that benefit society and the economy.


Refashioned is a terminology used to describe a novel use of upcycled materials and crafting deadstock (materials not wanted or usable) of the high-speed society and transforming, stitched, patched into unique hand-made clothes.


Sustainia was founded in 2012 the Nordic independent think tank Monday Morning, and developed in close collaboration with organisations such as UN Global Compact and EU Commission.