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Slack selvedge

Slack selvedge is a self‐descriptive fabric defect caused by an incorrect balance of cloth structure between the ground and selvedge or by the selvedge ends being woven with insufficient tension.

Stitch setting

Stitch setting of jeans is not only to keep the cloth together; it also serves as decoration and to create visual effects. For example, the stitches on the back pockets can make the hip look much smaller. By manipulating the texture, colours, thickness and position of these stitches settings, a variety of different looks can be achieved for a pair of jeans.


Width. One of the most controversial issues in fabric sale; it can be selvedge to selvedge, where the width value is inclusive of edge, or usable, where the value indicates the fabric effectively cut-table.

Weft or filling

Weft or filling is a term used to describe the lengthwise, selvedge to selvedge horizontal, yarns carried over and under the warp.