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Partially recyclable

Partially recyclable is a material that is only down-cyclable. The resulting material is of lower quality and value; resulting material will most likely landfill at the end of use.

Product lifespan complexity

Product life-span complexity is a term used to describe the abstract negative and positive sides of a product after its obsolescence, neither planned or not bits a difficult task to consider all effects if a product after its life-time, deserve to be called success from an environmental viewpoint.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Life cycle assessment or LCA – refers to a process in industrial ecology by which the products, processes, and facilities used to manufacture specific products are each examined for their environmental impacts — a balance sheet prepared for each product that considers: the use of materials.

Integrated waste management

Integrated Waste Management of solid waste based upon a consideration of source reduction, recycling, waste transformation, and disposal arranged in a hierarchical order

Material recovery

Material recovery is the extraction of materials from the waste stream for reuse or recycling. Examples include source separation, front-end recovery, in-plant recycling, post-combustion recovery, leaf composting, and so on.

Waste management

Waste Management is a term used to describe the classification of waste hierarchy divided into the following categories and models.

The chasing arrows

It’s a common misconception that the chasing arrows recycling symbol represent reduce, reuse and reduce or the three Rs. It was designed in 1970 by Gary Anderson, a 23-year graduate student.