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Rayon cycle graphics


Rayon fibre

Rayon fibre is synthetic fibre produced from regenerated cellulose wood pulp treated chemically. Fabrics made from the durable fibre are highly absorbent, soft and drape well. The dye colours are shiny and long-lasting.


Viscose or rayon is an artificial fibre, made from wood pulp, which on the face of it seems more sustainable. However, often the tree planted is eucalyptus, which draws up large amounts of water, causing problems in sensitive landscapes.


Lyocell is the generic name given to the cellulose fibre developed by Courtaulds and marketed by them under the Tencel brand name. The Tencel production process is based on a solvent spinning process and represents the most significant accomplishment in cellulose fibre technology.


The cellulose used Rayon, modal and lyocell produced from renewable cellulosic plants such as Bamboo, beech trees, and pine trees.