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Canvas is the simplest weave in textiles. A plain weave (1×1) where the filling yarn is passed over and under individual warp yarns.


Duck is once known as a fabric lighter than canvas, today a duck considered being a synonym for canvas or plain weave cotton made from a medium to coarse yarns.

Loomstate fabric

The Loomstate fabric is a term used to describe a woven fabric coming from the weaving machine into the trade, The goods as such are not finished but usually merely brushed on a cleaning machine may be raw fabric, grey goods.


Oxford shirt. Initially made in Oxford, England, it is a plain weave fabric where two or more filling yarns pass over and less than one or more parallel warp yarns. It is possible to have 2×1, 2×2, 3×2, 4×4, or 8×8. Used in dress shirting’s where the warp is a colour


Poplin is the name of a lightweight tightly more warp threads than filling woven plain weave fabric where a coarser yarn is used for the filling than the warp, leaving a slight rib effect across the width of the goods.