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Conventional pollutants

Conventional pollutants

Conventional pollutants are a group of the seven significant pollutants identified and regulated by the U.S. Clean Air Act.


The pesticide is a term used to describe the human-made chemical used in agriculture to management control of the pest. The suffix “-cide” literally means “kill”, therefore, pesticide refers to a chemical substance that kills pests, insects, microbes and pathogens. And weeds has been developed; pesticides not replaced.


Herbicides are chemical pesticides that are used to manage vegetation. Usually, herbicides are used to reduce the abundance of weedy plants, to release desired crop plants from the competition. It is the context of most herbicide use in agriculture, forestry, and lawn management.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton growing without any harmful pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers using biologically based and sustainable growing methods such as crop rotation than with highly synthetic and destructive fertilisers.