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Cotton fibre

Cotton fibre and plant, genus Gossypium, one of the world’s most important crops, produces white fibrous bowls manufactured into a highly versatile textile.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton growing without any harmful pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers using biologically based and sustainable growing methods such as crop rotation than with highly synthetic and destructive fertilisers.

Global Organic Cotton Org

Global organic cotton org. is a web platform for the organic cotton community worldwide, where knowledge about ecological and fairtrade cotton exchanged, and relevant information made available

Eco Bag

Eco Bag is bags made organically, often biodegradable in case of bags made for groceries; a better alternative is to use organic cotton; the best option is to remake from a dead product (fabrics) that otherwise would be landfill.

Dyes low impact

Dyes Low Impact – dyes that are more environmentally friendly than conventional dyes because they contain no metals, low salt, AZO & oxazines compound free.