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Arcurate Denim Encyclopedia

Cone Mills

Cone Denim is one of the major suppliers of denim fabrics since 1891 formed out of the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Moses and Cesar Cone and grounded in American heritage.

Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans. Henry David Lee founded Lee Mercantile Company. In 1889, they opened the garment factory in Salina, Kansas, producing dungarees and jackets. In 1913, the Union-All work jumpsuits created, followed by the first-ever “Overall” in 1920 – laying the foundation for Lee’s early growth.

Levi’s Strauss Type III

Levi’s Strauss Type III. In 1960, Levi Strauss introduced a radically new version of the Type II jackets with the LOT number 557XX, by most people known as the trucker jacket. The most significant difference visually; narrower and pointy front pockets, seams go from the pockets and down.

Casual wear

Casual wear is the common name for a group of textiles with greater comfort, less formal and above all ease-of-care properties also known as leisurewear.

Jacob Davis

Jacob Davis was a tailor making work-wear from Nevada that after a complaint from customers whom the pocket was torn comfortably apart invented to rivet the pocket corners on the pants; which increased the durability significantly.


XX–Denim is the original denim fabric used by Levi’s for production of their 501 jeans.

Genes (jeans)

Genes (jeans) is the most famous fashion clothing originated among fishers in Genoa city’s port over 500 years ago although Levi Strauss patented the copper-riveting jeans.