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Genes (jeans). The sailors from Genova know for the wearing Genes or jeans first

Levi’s type I jacket (506XX)

Levi’s type I jacket (506XX). 1900 Levi’s Type I Jacket introduced in the early 1900s with LOT 506XX (added later as 501 was the first LOT number), the detail was the cinch-back, called “clinchers” with a silver buckle, then replaced with bronze.

Levi Strauss & Co

Levi Strauss & Co. In 1853 was the company Levi Strauss Co-founded by the Bavarian-born Levi Strauss. During the gold rush in the west, he opened a dry goods store selling clothes, boots to the hard-working gold-diggers. He understood fast that they needed work clothes that were extra durable.

Customized garments

The Customized garment is an individual creative process transforming garments. Give the garment a personal look and feel.

Pedal pushers

Pedal pushers are jeans or pants that fall below the knee at mid-level; they are slightly loose and worn for cycling and sailing. However, the fashionable street fashion garment.

Turn ups

Turn ups are a deep hem of the jeans leg folded back, so the fabric face still shows. Often to show off the selvedge seam.

Back cinch

Back cinch is also known as martingale, the back cinch with a back buckle used to tighten the waist on jeans before widespread.

Ghost claws

Ghost claw is the name to describe blitz-like whitened lines on jeans made artificially in the finishing process. All these processes revolve around whitening.