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101 Lee jean

The first Lee 101 jeans designed in 1924, it became fast a must-have for cowboys and rodeo riders.

Acid washing

Acid washing (also known as Marble Wash/Moon Wash/Snow Wash) Practice in which pumice stones soaked in chlorine is tumbled with jeans in the dryer to etch white highlights into denim.


Bartak is a sewing procedure that reinforces stress points on jeans, usually, front flies, pocket openings and crotch joins of inseams


Corduroy is the French called lush, velvety fabric, or “Cord Du Roi”, the cord of the King. The material is ribbed throughout the length, cut and sheared so that a smooth velvety surface appears. Fourteen wale corduroy was one of the most important jeans fabrics in the 1960′s and 1970′s when jeans became universal.