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Levi’s RED

Levi’s RED history started at the end of the 1990s, during a tough time for the jeanswear giant Levi Strauss Co, managed to present, establish and sell some utterly innovative fresh denim garments. Fashion designers around the world, call it the golden years of Levi Strauss innovation.


Ply yarns; all are single-ply unless twisted with another yarn called two-ply and three-ply if three twisted. Plied yarns are used to make garment stronger.

Laundry (processing)

Laundry (processing) is a manufacturing company that takes unwashed or raw jeans and processes them. This processing includes washing, stone-washing, sandblasting, and garment dyeing.

Pigment dyes

Pigment Dyes. It dyes without affinity for fibre and held to fabric with resins. They are available in almost any colour used extensively in the jeans-wear industry by fabric dyers who want to create materials that fade.


Double-Needle is a seam commonly used in Jeans-wear garments (shirts, jeans, jackets) where a sewing machine stitches two threads side by side for strength at one time