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Pocket labels (Labeling)

Pocket labels (Labeling) or label is most often cardboard placed on the back pocket of a jean (usually right) attached to the purpose of communicating LOT number, style, size, washes, etc. and in addition used as a blank canvas for brand communication as logos and slogans.


Jean Comes from the French word “Genes” used to describe the pants sailors from Genoa once wore. While the historical definition implied that all jeans were made of denim, jeans today usually refer to a garment that has 5 pockets.


Rivets are metal tabs placed at stress points in the construction of the jeans, introduced by Nevada’s tailor Jacob Davis, who borrowed the technique from horse blankets.

Open End denim

Open End Denim. The term Open End Denim describes the yarn used to weave the denim. About 17 years ago, a process that was more economical and produced a more consistent yarn thickness.