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Edge City

Edge City is a term used to describe a concentration of shopping, business, and entertainment outside a traditional urban area in what had been a residential suburb or semi-rural community.


Infrastructure. Substructure or underlying foundation; those facilities upon which a system or society depends; for example, roads, schools, power plants, communication networks, and transportation systems.


Wastewater is a term used to describe the spent or used water from a home, community, farm, or industry that contains dissolved or suspended matter.

Optimal lifetimes

Optimal lifetime is a word used to describe “the appropriate durability of a garment in its lifespan. In our modern society, most people don’t buy clothes to cover basic human needs such as protection from cold weather or rain; parameter such as fit, comfort, look, and the colour is as important. Most clothes are thrown away long before it’s worn out because of lack of aesthetics or meaning.

New urbanism movement

New urbanism movement, begun in the USA, that opposes suburban sprawl, advocating the reintroduction of the concept of community in urban planning instead.