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Lustre is a term used to describe fabric or fibre the ability to reflect light. The quality and nature of the reflection may be a useful diagnostic aid.


Silicone is a term used to describe silicon-containing polymer materials which have found extensive use in the industry because of their excellent stability. They are available as fluids, sealant-adhesives, moldable resins, and rubbers – First silicone oil made in the 1870s, its insensitivity to both high.

Hand or Handle

Hand or handle is how the fabric feels. It is a very subjective judgment of the feel of a material, and it should help decide if a fabric is suitable for a specific end-use.

Cotton inspection

Cotton inspection is grading, and classing of cotton to ease interstate and foreign commerce in cotton by providing official quality determinations.

Textile substrate

The textile substrate is a term used to describe a substance which upon an enzyme reacts (surface treatments). In other words, compounds that undergo reactions with enzymes. Included are different colourants dyes, natural sizing and thickener materials, such as starches and cellulose derivatives, etc.

CM cotton

CM cotton is a term used to describe cotton fibre treated with monochloroacetic acid, and then sodium hydroxide converted into CM cotton.