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Potential energy

Potential energy is a term used to describe the power of state or position or stored. Or conserved in various ways such as in chemical bonds

LD50 (lethal dose)

LD50 (lethal dose) or median lethal dose: the amount of a pharmacological or toxic substance (such as ionising radiation) that causes death in 50% of a group of experimental animals.

Design for Degradation

Design for degradation is a term used to describe a design process of chemical products that should be manufactured so that at the end of their function hey break down into innocuous degradation products and do not persist in the environment. Read more..


Bluesign is a system for sustainable textile production than from the beginning eliminates harmful substances of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly production.

Rapidly renewable materials

Rapidly renewable material is a term used to describe materials, fibres, animal or any other product considered agricultural that takes ten years or less to grow, raise and harvest in an ongoing sustainable way.

Atom economy

The term Atom economy is one of the fundamental and most important principles of Green Chemistry.

Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is a term used on an emerging field of science that develops chemicals to be benign. Rather than presuming to keep human and ecological exposures to chemicals within levels of toxicity deemed “acceptable,”, sustainable chemistry aims to make chemicals inherently safe.