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Carbon Nanotube

Carbon nanotube – naturally self-organised nanostructure. In the form of a tube composed of carbon atoms with completed bonds.


Graphene a term used to describe a single flat layer of carbon atoms densely arranged in a hexagonal two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, of which its atomic structure can also be used as a basic building block to construct all other carbon-based materials of all other dimensional.


Nanomaterials are the novel engineered formed materials and fabric’s constructions at the nanometric scale. At the Nanoscale, the wholly new and different material property is possible, assembled with extremely accurate measurements at atomic level devices, materials and fabrics that are 100 times stronger than steel.


Nanotechnology represents the design, characterisation, production, and application of structures, devices, and systems by controlling the shape and size of the Nanometre scale.’ Thus, nanotechnology products are those derived from the phenomena and physicochemical characteristics occurring at the dimension of less than 100nm.