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Asbestos fibres

Asbestos fibres are modified natural fibres.

Carbon fibres

The use of carbon fibres has only become widespread over the past couple of decades. However, growth has been rapid since its inception.

Inorganic fibres

Inorganic fibres. A type of Another type of tissue that is becoming more important is in the inanimate category. Grains produced from materials that are present in the Earth’s crust refers to inorganic. These fibres can easily be made from naturally occurring materials and are inorganic rather than polymeric.

Hybrid yarns

Hybrid yarn is a term used on an engineered fibre or material composed for a specific purpose or technical, functional requirement besides the basic as covering the body or looking fashionable.

Advanced fibre

Advanced fibre is a term used to describe any reinforcing fibres characterized by either extraordinary strength, modulus or resistance to high temperature