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The mutation is a term used to describe the process by which a gene or chromosome set undergoes a structural change. Gene or chromosome game that has undergone a fundamental change.


Dopamine is a catecholamine neurotransmitter that has a vital role in cognitive function, voluntary movement, reward, motivation, and prolactin production.


Genes (jeans). The sailors from Genova know for the wearing Genes or jeans first


Jean Comes from the French word “Genes” used to describe the pants sailors from Genoa once wore. While the historical definition implied that all jeans were made of denim, jeans today usually refer to a garment that has 5 pockets.


Jeans. Long, narrow pants, especially for women; manufactured by diagonal-weave cotton fabric. Named after where the texture initially was made, the town Genova.

Genes (jeans)

Genes (jeans) is the most famous fashion clothing originated among fishers in Genoa city’s port over 500 years ago although Levi Strauss patented the copper-riveting jeans.