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Loop selvedge

Loop selvedge is a term uses on a weaving defect at the selvage of irregular filling loops that extend beyond the outside or excessive thickness of selvage.


The blend is a term that applied to a yarn or a fabric made up of more than one fibre.


Poplin is the name of a lightweight tightly more warp threads than filling woven plain weave fabric where a coarser yarn is used for the filling than the warp, leaving a slight rib effect across the width of the goods.

Basket Weave

Basket Weave is a fabric weave where more than one filling threads pass over and under the same number of threads on alternate rows of the warp.


The Riser is a term used to describe a feature in textile fabric designing, a darkened square or colour of the design paper which indicates that the warp end is over the filling pick at that point. The opposite of riser is the sinker.