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Ramie fibre

Ramie fibre the perennial stalk producing plant has been cultivated in eastern Asia for fibre since prehistoric times. 3-8 feet high, with heart-shaped leaves, the plant’s texture was used in the fabric in ancient Egypt and was known in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Intimate blend yarn

Intimate blend yarn is different fibres are blended to make a yarn composed of two threads. The purpose is to mix the properties and characteristics of individual strands into one new mixed fibre.

Hoechst Celanese

Hoechst Celanese is science-based, market-driven companies, who produce and market chemicals, fibres and films, engineering plastics, high-performance and speciality materials, pharmaceuticals, and animal-health and crop-protection products.

Heather Cross Dye Top Dye Mélange

Heather Cross Dye Top Dye Mélange is a mixed fabric colour achieved the best examples are grey T-shirts, socks or wool used in suiting, different shades of fibres, and mixing them. Black-and-white fibre mixed will combine to give grey heather fibre.

Embodied energy

Embodied energy is a term used to describe the energy used in making a product, including fibre production, manufacturing, shipping to market and final disposal.

Chain of custody

Chain of custody – refer to the track goods, and products take from the source (mostly used for the forest or fibre for garment production) the endpoint usually the consumer.

Reinforcement fabrics

Reinforcement fabrics is a term to describe a system that used fibre to stabilise soil mass in the construction of steep slopes and retaining wall. It reduces stress on the retaining wall furthermore, decreases simultaneously load-bearing requirements for the design.

Morphology (fibre)

Morphology is a term used to describe the study of the physical form and structure (see below) of a material and include a broad spectre of characteristics. Fibre morphology contains macro-structure, micro-structure, the sub-microscopic and fine structure of fibres, which are only observable through a light microscope.