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Fashion Tech Lab

Fashion Tech Lab is an entirely new company focused on investing in and developing new technologies and applying them to the fashion industry, while also aiming to make them sustainable solutions.

NICE consumer project

NICE consumer project. The ultimate aim of the NICE Consumer project is to inspire changes leads consumer behaviour toward sustainable fashion consumption, covering the purchase, use, care for and disposal of fashion goods and accessories.

Parts Per Million (ppm)

Parts per million by volume (ppmv) is a measurement term used to describe the number of elements of a chemical found in one million (1,000,000) parts of a particular gas, liquid, or reliable.


Nanoscience. According to the Royal Academy of Engineering (2004), the term nanoscience defined as following: Study of Phenomena and manipulation of materials at atomic, molecular, and macromolecular scales.

Nano-phase material

Nano-phase material is a general term to describe any substance made up of phases that have dimensions of the order of nanometers. An ultrafine single solid phase was at least one dimension is in the nanometre range, sizes are between 1–20 nm