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Cambrian explosion

Cambrian explosion is the name of a period approximately 550 million years ago with the relatively rapid evolution of the modern forms of multicellular life.

Stochastic process

A Stochastic or random process is a term used in probability theory and is the opposite of a deterministic process. Deterministic events and procedures do not exist.


The mutation is a term used to describe the process by which a gene or chromosome set undergoes a structural change. Gene or chromosome game that has undergone a fundamental change.


Darwinism is a term used to describe how Darwin’s (1809-1882) work influenced biology as well as philosophy as a whole and even economics and politics. His most well-known works include “the origin of species employing natural selection” in which it revolutionised our understanding of life on earth.


Ecocentric is a type of environmentalism taking the view that large-scale ecological processes such as evolution, adaptation, and biogeochemical cycling are the most important aspects of nature