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Bagasse is a fibrous material that remains after sugarcane stalks crushed to extract the juice.


Hydrogels made from reprocessed silkworm silk, a gel formed with aqueous solutions of the fibroin prepared as outlined earlier. The rate of sol-gel transition is directly dependent on temperature (higher the temperature the more rapid the gelation), pH (lower the pH the more rapid the gelation), and solids content (higher the solids higher the rates of gelation.

Green advertising and marketing

Green marketing advertising – In the last decade, growing consumer interest in environmental issues has significantly impacted how advertisers market their products and companies. The evidence regarding this more significant concern for the ecological impact of commercial goods been documented by several marketing groups.

Dyes low impact

Dyes Low Impact – dyes that are more environmentally friendly than conventional dyes because they contain no metals, low salt, AZO & oxazines compound free.


Bioremediation is a term used when the organism such as bacteria, plants, and fungi is used to clean and remove toxic chemical wastes and metals from contaminated soil.

Ozone fading

Ozone fading s a term used as a textile finishing process for denim fabrics. Ozone fading gives the advantage of fading with a minimum or hardly any loss of durance or strength.