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Environmental Value

Environmental Value is the value attached to an environmental resource in social, economic or cultural terms.

The Higg Index

The Higg index 1.0 is a suite of sustainable assessment tools developed by SAC organiSation released first time in 2012 and is primarily an indicator-based assessment tool for apparel and footwear products.

Human–environment framework (HES)

The Human-environment framework is a research framework for environmental, sustainability based on an interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological approach for investigating structures, regulatory mechanisms, and decision processes on hierarchical levels, including individuals, organisations, institutions and society (such as socio-economic impacts of climate change).

Weak sustainability

Weak sustainability is a term used to describe a view of an “optimistic interpretation” of sustainability that emphasizes the substitutability of resources by human ideas and technical knowledge.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a term used to describe business processes and practices in words of people, planet, and profit. It comes from the concept of sustainable development (Our common future, 1987).