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Hemp fibre vs Cotton fibre

Hemp fibre vs Cotton fibre Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia


Bleaching concluded that sodium hypochlorite is safe for the environment in current regular use according to a risk assessment report conducted by the European community.

IPAT equation

IPAT Equation. One of the symptoms of growth fetishism is tunnel vision, a condition that prevents those affected from seeing any solution to the greenhouse problem other than a technological one. We can understand the burden this places on technology using the famous IPAT equation. I = P × A × T

Green Claims

Green Claims (in contrast to opposed to greenwashing): “Green claims and labels can help consumers to make informed buying choices” – by giving information about the environmental impact and qualities of products or services, either on a product or in marketing/advertising materials.

Future Fabrics Expo

The Future Fabrics Expo showcases and promotes innovative and commercially viable fibres, fabrics and products that embody a range of sustainable principles and new technologies.

Design for dematerialisation

Design for dematerialisations is a term used to describe a process whereof the mission is to reduce the overall size, weight and numbers of materials involved in the design and is a simple way to reduce the total environmental impact.