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Hemp fibre vs Cotton fibre

Hemp fibre vs Cotton fibre Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia

Transformed Added value

Transformed added value, for example, can mean eco-effectiveness, cradle-to-cradle design, reduce and remove hazardous materials and lower energy consumption. Well with the view of transformational innovations.


Bleaching concluded that sodium hypochlorite is safe for the environment in current regular use according to a risk assessment report conducted by the European community.

IPAT equation

IPAT Equation. One of the symptoms of growth fetishism is tunnel vision, a condition that prevents those affected from seeing any solution to the greenhouse problem other than a technological one. We can understand the burden this places on technology using the famous IPAT equation. I = P × A × T

Green Claims

Green Claims (in contrast to opposed to greenwashing): “Green claims and labels can help consumers to make informed buying choices” – by giving information about the environmental impact and qualities of products or services, either on a product or in marketing/advertising materials.

Future Fabrics Expo

The Future Fabrics Expo showcases and promotes innovative and commercially viable fibres, fabrics and products that embody a range of sustainable principles and new technologies.

Design for dematerialisation

Design for dematerialisations is a term used to describe a process whereof the mission is to reduce the overall size, weight and numbers of materials involved in the design and is a simple way to reduce the total environmental impact.