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Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

Embodied energy

Embodied energy is a term used to describe the energy used in making a product, including fibre production, manufacturing, shipping to market and final disposal.

Environmental design

Environmental design is a new approach in planning consumer products and industrial processes that are ecologically sustainable and intelligent, and healthy both the environment and humans.


Energy-efficient is products and systems that use less energy to perform as well or better than standard products.

Carbon tax

A carbon tax is a term used to describe a tax on greenhouse-gas emission. In reality, the carbon tax is an important instrument used to curb greenhouse-gas emissions.

Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is a term used on an emerging field of science that develops chemicals to be benign. Rather than presuming to keep human and ecological exposures to chemicals within levels of toxicity deemed “acceptable,”, sustainable chemistry aims to make chemicals inherently safe.