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Conventional pollutants

Conventional pollutants

Conventional pollutants are a group of the seven significant pollutants identified and regulated by the U.S. Clean Air Act.


Adaptation Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia. Adaptation initiatives and measures to reduce the vulnerability of natural and human systems against actual or expected climate change effects.

Water Vapor

Water Vapor is a term used to describe the most abundant greenhouse gas, it is the water present in the atmosphere in gaseous form. Water vapour is an important part of the natural greenhouse effect.

Carbon finance

Carbon finance is a term used to describe and explores the financial implications of living in a carbon-constrained world—a world in which emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases carry a price.

Environmental Kuznets curve (EKC)

Environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) is a term applied to environmental burdens. The Kuznets curve hypothesises that economic inequalities increase before decreasing while a country is developing.