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Water scarcity

Water scarcity is a term used to describe a country or region where the annual renewable water supplies are below 1000 m3 per person.


Bioprospecting is usually conducted by private companies that search in a variety of ecosystems for certain parts of plants, ranging from barks to genetic material.

Ecosystem services

Ecosystem services is a term used to describe ecological processes or functions having monetary or non-monetary value to individuals or society at large.


Biodiversity is the diversity of living things – eco-systems, species and genetic complexity.


Pollution is contamination of natural resources like water, air, land or eco-systems by artificial actions and a human reaction to that physical effect.

Carrying capacity

Carrying capacity is defined by ecologists as the population of a given species that can be supported indefinitely in a designated habitat without permanently damaging the ecosystem.

Renewable feedstock

The Renewable feedstock is a term used to describe a nature-based feedstock. With minimal negative impact or interference on the ecosystem, and that has the unique property to manifest itself again in nature relatively shortly (months to a few years) rather than in a very long time (hundreds or thousands of years).