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Hemp fibre vs Cotton fibre

Hemp fibre vs Cotton fibre Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia

Throwaway society

The throwaway society is a term used to describe the fast consumer society of which the failure to design produce and maintain longer-lasting products is the opposite.


Deconstruction Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia. Deconstruction is a term used on a concept introduced by Jacques Derrida in his book Of Grammatology in France in 1967.


Manifesto (comes from Latin Manu Festus means struck by the hand) is a term used to describe a declaration in public. Historically, Manifesto is commonly political, philosophical, religious or literary, principles and beliefs.


Refashioned is a terminology used to describe a novel use of upcycled materials and crafting deadstock (materials not wanted or usable) of the high-speed society and transforming, stitched, patched into unique hand-made clothes.

Command and Control

Command and control is a term used to describe a hierarchical decision support structure In which information flows up the chain and decisions flow down.


Autonomy (self-government) is an ancient term used to describe a person to live by laws one gives to oneself (autonomous).