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Typhoon is a term used to describe tropical cyclones that occur in the western Pacific Ocean. The name Typhoon is a word origin from Chinese and means “great wind” They are necessarily the same as hurricanes in the Atlantic and cyclones in the Bay of Bengal.


A hurricane is a tropical cyclone, occurring in the North Atlantic Ocean or the Northeast Pacific Ocean. A tropical cyclone is a storm system characterised by a large low-pressure centre and numerous thunderstorms that produce strong winds and heavy rain.

Richter scale

Richter scale is an open-ended scale that gives an idea of the amount of energy released during an earthquake and based on the amplitudes (half the height from wave-base to wave-crest) of seismic waves at a distance of 61 miles (100 km) from the epicentre.


Earthquake is a sudden release of energy from slip on a fault, an explosion, or other events that causes the ground to vibrate, shake or and crack, associated with the passage of waves of energy released at its source.