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Colour Index (CI)

The colour index (CI) developed by the Society of Dyers and Colorists, is used for dye classification.

Nylon fibre

Nylon fibre. It is a synthetic fibre invented by DuPont that was used originally for hosiery but in many applications. Nylon is naturally water-repellent, easy to dye, and very strong. These features have helped plastic replace cotton in many industrial uses, like bags and flags.


The crock is a term used to describe how dye rubs off the fabric on the skin or other material.


Dips are used to describe fabric or yarn when in the dye. Indigo yarns dipped in an indigo bath usually 6 times but up to 16 times.

Dyes low impact

Dyes Low Impact – dyes that are more environmentally friendly than conventional dyes because they contain no metals, low salt, AZO & oxazines compound free.


Dyeability is a term used to describe the ability of a fibre or textile fabric to be dyed.


Fixation is a term used to describe the formation of a sort of final bond between the fibre and dye. The bond type formed changes to the kind of colour and the thread.