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Cone Mills

Cone Denim is one of the major suppliers of denim fabrics since 1891 formed out of the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Moses and Cesar Cone and grounded in American heritage.


Jean Comes from the French word “Genes” used to describe the pants sailors from Genoa once wore. While the historical definition implied that all jeans were made of denim, jeans today usually refer to a garment that has 5 pockets.


Velour is a knit or woven fabric with a thick, short, cut pile.


Fading (textile) is a subjective term used to describe the lightening of the colour of a jeans fading (pigmented) following exposure to the effects of washing, wearing, light, heat, time, temperature and chemicals.

Ageing (textiles)

Ageing of textiles is a term used to describe the deterioration of textile or other materials caused by gradual oxidation during storage and/or exposure to light.