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Genes (jeans). The sailors from Genova know for the wearing Genes or jeans first

Capri jeans

Capri jeans is a jean that finishes at the mid-calf level and is quite fitted, made in woven fabric.

Bourdon stitching

Bourdon stitching is a close, narrow row of decorative raised stitching such as a monogram, finished edge or accent.

Slim Leg Fit

Slim Leg Fit. The Jean leg has no ease added to your thigh and knee measurements. The leg of your jeans will hug your leg from the thigh to the knee.


Singeing is a phase of textile finishing when the fabric surface hair burnt or singed using a controlled flame, to give a clean appearance to the fabrics


Ecru is the natural colour of cotton and shade is greyish-pale yellow or a light greyish-yellowish brown.


Double-Needle is a seam commonly used in Jeans-wear garments (shirts, jeans, jackets) where a sewing machine stitches two threads side by side for strength at one time


Carding is the industrial yarn preparation process where raw cotton is separated, opened, cleaned and made into sliver.