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Jute fibre

Jute fibre is the name given to the tissue found to certain plants, which grow principally in India, and the East Indian Islands. The common jute comes mainly from Bengal, the province east of India, where it was first known to science around

Textile waste

Textile waste can be classified as either pre-consumer or post-consumer textile waste. Pre-consumer textile waste is the leftovers or by-products from textile, fibre- or cotton industries. Post-consumer textile waste is the waste of fleece, flannel, corduroy, cotton, nylon, denim, wool, and linen.

Staple fibre

Staple fibre has short fibre, typically measured in inches or fraction of inches, like those naturally found in cotton and wool. Silk, however, is the only natural fibre that does not come in staple lengths but instead in filament lengths.


Spinning is the process by which cotton, wool, flax, and other short fibre twisted together to produce yarn or thread suitable for weaving into cloth, winding into rope or cable, or used in sewing. Long, continuous fibres, such as silk, are not spun.

Ramie fibre

Ramie fibre the perennial stalk producing plant has been cultivated in eastern Asia for fibre since prehistoric times. 3-8 feet high, with heart-shaped leaves, the plant’s texture was used in the fabric in ancient Egypt and was known in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Nylon fibre

Nylon fibre. It is a synthetic fibre invented by DuPont that was used originally for hosiery but in many applications. Nylon is naturally water-repellent, easy to dye, and very strong. These features have helped plastic replace cotton in many industrial uses, like bags and flags.


Piqué is a heavy cotton material woven in corded or figured effects. The goods for purposes such as ladies’ tailor-made suits, vesting’s, shirt fronts, cravats, bedspreads, and the like. It was initially woven in diamond-shaped designs to imitate quilting.


Jeans. Long, narrow pants, especially for women; manufactured by diagonal-weave cotton fabric. Named after where the texture initially was made, the town Genova.